NBA Jam Release Notes - 8/4/2020

Lots of updates in the first major patch for NBA Jam including major connectivity updates

Original Google Drive release notes from Arcade1up

New Features

  • Better distinguish “cloned” players in the original NBA Jam: cloned players are stand-ins for players from the original arcade game that couldn’t be re-licenced for this release. To make it easier to tell the clone apart, there is now a setting in the main menu to make clones appear in greyscale. You can choose for the clone’s body and uniform to be greyscale, just their body to be greyscale (but uniform remain team colours), or to use full colour as before (which makes their appearance identical to their teammate).
  • When users departed an online session in the middle of a game, their players get assigned to one of the remaining users. This existing feature allowed you to complete the game and capture a win even if the other user leaves, by offering you control of the “orphaned” players. There have been two improvements to this feature:
    • The orphaned players will now preferentially be assigned to the user who controls their teammate, if that person is still in the game; and,
    • If you are assigned control of an orphan player, you will now be told in the popup message that announces the other user’s departure.
  • We rephrased the “requesting to join” message to make it clearer you are waiting for the other person to act, not the other machine to act.
  • “Kick” has been removed from the host’s in-game LIVE menu, to reduce cheating incentives.
  • We’ve reworked the “joining” behaviour to make controls more immediately responsive.
  • Factory-reset machines will now include additional messaging about setting up Internet access.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an “official bug” from original Midway ROM of Tournament Edition where Elliott’s and Horry’s team assignment reflected a trade that never happened.
  • In the player select screen, the stats for cloned players now reflect the players they replace, not the player they were copied from.
  • We’ve addressed a problem with some router models “choking” when joining games. Now, if the progress bar stalls, the host will now step back its bandwidth several times before giving up.
  • Fixed the potential for a desync when a 3rd​ ​ or 4​thplayer joined a game session before or while​ entering initials at the start, if the joining user had a “seasoned” game play record, and latency was present.
  • Fixed the potential for a desync if a user was accepted into NBA Jam the instant (within 1/60​th​ of a second) between the title screen disappearing and the legal screen appearing.
  • Fixed problem where games might not be joinable every second 10-minute interval after starting.
  • Available Games list will no longer repeat names on multiple pages, and now stops the “…” from being highlightable.
  • Stop a case where other people might sometimes be dropped the same time the 4​th user leaves.​ ● If a connection is lost while trying to connect, the message will now correctly identify the Public Name of the user you are trying to join. Before it might sometimes erroneously have used your own Public Name in the message.
  • Stop main menu from gratuitously restarting sometimes if you changed the Leaderboard option between Everyone and Favourites.

Important Advice on Connectivity


Visit our NBA Jam page which has more information on the game

Play basketball with NBA legends and pull off some over the top shooting in this classic arcade game.

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