Change Log


This is the Changelog. While I aim to keep it up-to-date, no promises. I'm relaunching this changelog fresh in 2021 to celebrate the new year! See something missing, let us know by submitting it here


  • Added all the new games + pages for those games + links to buy games available + preview videos + other stuff
  • Migrating Game Pages as built into new platform


  • Fixed redirect issue for old redirect to new blog
  • Added NBA Jam page
  • Added Golden Axe page
  • Added BurgerTime page
  • Added NBA Jam Stool page


  • Added Best Buy links for Marvel and Star Wars pinball (Links are technically now down, if they change once they come back online we'll flip them over)


  • Added new X-Men Stool that some customers are receiving instead of the Street Fighter stool.


To be done

  • [X] Migrate HomeArcade.Games to
  • [ ] Update Game Pages for all Arcade Cabinets - In progress, games that are updated say "Learn More" vs. "Coming Soon" - Note - Many games do have more info behind the coming soon button, it may just not be pretty
  • [ ] Send out pricing alerts for those who have subscribed. Coming February!
  • [ ] Setup User Profiles for being able to subscribe to deal alerts
  • [ ] Add Release Dates to filters
  • [ ] Add Upcoming Games
  • [ ] Add missing Risers
  • [ ] Ensure data integrity for Directory - All tags / filters working?

Various potential ideas

  • [ ] Add "My Home Arcades" section where users can upload their own arcade photos/galleries
  • [ ] Add unreleased / Beta games that never made it to production
  • [ ] Setup News to move to Facebook automatically
  • [ ] Setup News to move to Twitter automatically
  • [ ] Add missing marquees (Do we keep these even?)
  • [ ] Add missing Risers
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