Arcade1up Generations

Arcade1up Generations

Arcade1up has gone through approximately 4 generations marked by differences in their cabinets, upgrades and options. Over time, large improvements from sound quality to lighted marquees have made these must haves for every game room.

Arcade1up has gone through approximately 4 generations marked by differences in their cabinets, upgrades and options. We are basing this list on the technology, the quality improvements of the machines, and the launch dates. Everything here is extreme debatable and we'll gladly update it as we get feedback. Let us know your thoughts!

Generation 1:

The first generation of Arcade1up cabinets. These cabinets have little extra features, no light up marquees, basic sound, originally did not come with deck protectors, and in most cases did not come with risers.

Travel into space and prevent your spaceship from being hit by asteroids. Asteroids is a space shooter that challenges your reflex and aiming skills. Take your shots carefully, and challenge your friends to see who will last the longest in space!
Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Tempest, Major Havoc
Climb buildings, jump from one to another, and smash them down while searching for food. Rampage is being brought back to life with this officially licensed home arcade cabinet.
Rampage, Gauntlet, Joust, Defender
Deluxe Edition 12-in-1
Includes: Asteroids, Centipede, Major Havoc, Missile Command, Lunar Lander, Crystal Castles, Tempest, Millipede, Gravitar, Liberator, Asteroids Deluxe
Deluxe 12-1: Asteroids, Centipede, Major Havoc, Lunar Lander, Tempest, Gravitar, Asteroids Deluxe, Missile Command, Crystal Castles, Millipede, Liberator, Quantum
Street Fighter 2
Ready to FIGHT? Perfect for when your friends are over, the two-player joystick/button configuration brings the Street Fighter ll Champion Edition arcade experience into your home or office.
Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers
Asteroids Deluxe 6-in-1
Asteroids deluxe 6-in-1
Asteroids Deluxe, Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Tempest, Major Havoc, Gravitar
The Centipede Cabinet includes the following games: • Centipede • Millipede • Missile Command • Crystal Castles
Centipede, Missile Command, Crystal Castles, Millipede
The PAC is back, man! Consume PAC-DOTS while navigating PAC-MAN™ through the maze, while avoiding those tricky ghosts, and experiencing gameplay as you would have in an arcade with this Arcade1Up cabinet!
Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus
Aliens are attacking from space! Use maneuvers and well timed shots to score as many points as you can by taking them out. Careful, they don’t only fire back but they can also take control of your ship. Enjoy the authentic gameplay you remember with the Galaga in home arcade cabinet.
Galaga, Galaxian

Generation 2:

Generation 2 had minor upgrades over generation 1. These included deck protectors shipping as a default option, improved sound, and monitor improvements.

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat is a mix of combat, skill and strategy. It’s important to know when to block, jump, punch or kick your opponent. Fight against the computer or your friends, and perfect your own fighting style by mixing in creative combinations.
Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 3
Space Invaders
Jump back to the 80’s, grab the joystick and prepare your lasers with Arcade1Up’s Space Invaders arcade cabinet. Dodge the aliens’ fire and counter with strategic shooting. Boasting authentic gameplay and artwork, these cabinets are the first-ever consumer models.
Space Invaders Color, Space Invaders
Final Fight
Final Fight is a mix of fighting and storytelling. Master your moves to see how far you could get. Fight on your own or fight alongside your friend in 2 player mode to add to the exciting action.
Final Fight, Ghosts N Goblins, 1944 The Loop Master, Strider

Generation 3:

Generation 3 was a major update from now including lighted marquees, much improved sound and monitor quality, the introduction of both 4-player (Turtles) and extremely unique controls (yoke for Star Wars), it was a huge step in the right direction for many fans of Arcade1up games. Mortal Kombat saw a release including an improved monitor, branded riser and light up marquee.

Golden Tee
Fore!!! This Golden Tee home arcade cabinet includes a custom, one-foot riser providing that classic upright arcade experience, along with a light-up marquee. Up to 4 people can play. Choose from 4 different 18-hole courses for each game.
Golden Tee, Golden Tee 2k, Golden Tee '99, Golden Tee '98
Marvel Super Heroes
Battle your way through some of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time and defeat Thanos to save the universe! Players can battle as their favorite Marvel heroes and villains.
Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men, The Punisher
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cowabunga! Team up with the epic half-shell heroes in Konami’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Home Arcade Game from Arcade1Up! Fight your way through the Foot Clan, save April from Bebop and Rocksteady and defeat the all-time big baddie, Shredder!
TMNT, Turtles In Time
Star Wars
The Star Wars™ Home Arcade Game features the original arcade versions of the classic games based on Star Wars, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi!
Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi

Generation 4:

Generation 4, much like generation 3, saw small improvements over the existing cabinet designs. Like Star Wars before it, the limited edition Burger Time has a very unique shape. Online play launched with NBA Jam, changing the way Arcade1up cabinets can be played. Lighted deck protectors were also introduced, scanlines as an option, and a sales strategy marked by good ($299), better ($399), best ($499) cabinets, offering a variety of packing from basic options to those that include branded risers and stools.

Travel through different mazes of increasing difficulty to complete the assembly of burgers, while avoiding Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg.
BurgerTime, Karate Champ, Caveman Ninja, Bad Dudes
Play basketball with NBA legends and pull off some over the top shooting in this classic arcade game.
NBA Jam, NBA Jam TE, Hang Time
Life isn’t always easy for Frogger. First, there’s a dangerous highway to cross, full of speeding traffic that has no plans to yield for a frog! Then there’s still a rapid river, full of gators looking for a tasty snack. It’s going to take more than a leap of faith to safely guide Frogger back home!
Frogger, Time Pilot, Time Pilot '84
Pac-Man 40th edition
The PAC is back, man! Consume PAC-DOTS while navigating PAC-MAN™ through the maze, while avoiding those tricky ghosts, and experiencing gameplay as you would have in an arcade with this Arcade1Up cabinet!
Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Super Pac-Man, Pac&Pal, Pac-Land, Pac-Mania, Galaga

We'll have a future post with updates on Head-to-head, Countercades and Partycades - Plus all the latest Arcades launching soon.

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