Adopt & Create a page

Adopt & Create a page

We're looking for help - Want to adopt a few arcade pages to maintain updates, FAQ's, help guides, secret codes, and more? Get in touch! This is just a fun project to collectively bring together knowledge of Home Arcades! - Contact us at: Hello@MyArcade.Games

What does adopting a page look like?

  1. We have no idea, we're making this up as we go
  2. We'll grant you permission to add/edit the Arcade Game Pages you want to adopt. We'll try to keep a similar format between pages, but the content is more important than the style/look right now
  3. Update the page with all that you know, keep it updated as time goes on (We can help too!)
  4. Share it with your friends!

The Place
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Get in touch:


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